• AGILE management is human management

    The IT business is pressed from one side by the corporate proceses and matrix driven structures and from the other side by the total "chaos" appeared as the reflection on the quick market changes. Most of the IT organisations follow the trends and build up their today's business in the komplex environment of Agile developement. 

    Agile management is 

    I like this simple explanation of agility: "Agility is the flexibility, capacity and the capability of rapidly and efficiently adaptation to change. Mainly we should understand agility as the appropriate response to change and as the nonlinear improvement.

    Agile management teamwork 

    We sometimes forget: Organizations, people and markets are not machines. These all big three are ONE complex (living) systems: 
    1. Focusing on customer 
    2. Delivering value 
    3. Continuously improving 
    4. Self organising living system 

    We should speak about "Agile living systems" to allow people to achieve their maximum potential. 

    What are the main software project dimensions? 

    The underestimated main dimensions of software projects are not agile processes and agile tools but agile values and people. 

    And the agile soup paradox 

    To to get from point A to the point B is not straight line as all the cuzstomers wishes and as all the IT engeneers would like to go like.

    "If you and your team would have a list with all the 100% guaranteed "agile practices and tools" (soup ingrediences, tools and receipt), there is still 75% chance you fail or you get stuck." Why?

    What is the secret ingredience? Think about it. If you do not know, you are in the so called "soup paradox". And it is not just about product development, this effects everything what we create and what we do.

    Looking forward to your opinions on this in the comments under this post.
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