• Build trust with volunteering in your organisation!

    Are you a part of  "Volunteers program" in your organisation? Why you should care? Why you should be also a pro-active part of volunteers initiative in your organisation? Cause you count and also you are important more than you think! Why? You all work in one global company or in one small local company. You all share same values and believes. Cause also you are an important part of it, you have also a big opportunity. 

    You have an opportunity now! 

    What opportunity I do speak about? I do speak about trust. It just depends on what type of action you take. Right? There are just three types of us: the ones who are Passive, Active, or Pro-active. Who are you? Honestly in my believe eveeryone does the best he/she can do at the time, always. There are people who needs our help, there are people who helps:
    • So, will you stay by kind words? 
    • Will you support some project if you are asked to? 
    • Or are you the one who takes action? 
    We have always the choise. One old proverb is here on place: „What goes arround comes around“. What I do mean with? We all are social animals in the end of the day and our very survival depends on it. 

    What is the best work environment?

    In which work environment you want to spend 8 hours of your active life every day? Think about it. If we do not uderstand people, we do not understand business. Do you want to work with people who care, who are willing to help? We all want to work in an environment with people we trust and build good long term relationships with. Right? So what we need for? 

    What counts the most: people skills

    We need besides our experties, it skills also the pro-active „poeople skills“ to reach that goal. What we give to the others, will return to us. In the end the business is only and only about people. The clients are people, our manages are peaple, our colleagues, business partners, suppliers, ets - people. 

    To survive with your business

    To survive in the business we do, it requires besides everything else also the special skills: to form communities and cultures with a common sets of values and believes. We need trust on the fisrt place. We need to build up our success and our careers on our trust. Do you have a solid ground for in your organisation?! 

    If so, than you can say: "We share the same values and believes." This wouldn`t be done without trust. And trust is not just a checklist. Trust is our emotion. Our ability to build trust and relationships is the key to our business survival, and to thriving as ideamakers. With trust you develop new skills, with trust you help others, trust lights you up, with trust you can meet new people, connect with your community and last but not least expend your horizons! 

    I will repeat it once more: If we do not uderstand eachother, we do not understand our business. Volunteering is good start to build trust! 

    What is you opinion? What are you most excited about? Share your opinion with others in the comments below the article. 

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    My name is Jaromir Prusa (@nacesteskoucem), I am dealing with professional coaching, lectoring and professional networking. I particularly specialize in executive coaching, facilitation council and professional business networking. You can contact me (LinkedIn profil),  right HERE.

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