• 24 habits to increase your productivity

    I have been asked to have a presentation on the topic "time management". I got confused. Why? Think about it for a while. How can we "manage our time"? Are we perhaps able to travel in time? That would be the right moment I would say: Yes, let`s speak about time management! Time management is in my opinion one big marketing myth we still accept and buy. We simply can NOT manage time! So what are we able to manage when it comes to our most precious comodity we have?

    How we spend the time? Well, this is the right question! How can you manage "the spending"? 

    Books, diaries, courses on time management will not give you the answer. You can use the best and most expensive tools, learn practices and methods, hire coaches and menthors but it will be still worth zero and can happen that it will not make any changes to your effectivity and productivity at all. Having the ultimate perfect expensive diary does not help you to have better results. These are just tools which should serve you on the first place, after you understand how you deal with time.

    You can manage just yourselve and decide how you spend the time, how you enjoy the time you have. We should firstly go for this and afterwards take some tools to make our lifes easier?

    We all have 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes a day and 86400 seconds a day. Everyone does have the same account. Have you ever had thoughts about how do you understand time on the first place? Why not?  Next time I will explain you that there are two approaches people can have when it comes to time: in time and out of time.

    How we spend the time is about our mindset and our skills

    Let`s go to the roots here. We said we can manage ourselve, right? We can develop some skills, which will help us to become more productive and more efficient (including beeing more happy). Speaking about skills it comes to our habits we have.

    Here are 24 habits which can help you, at least these are working in my case, to increase your productivity.

    What are your habits and principles which help you to be more productive?

    What is you opinion? What are you most excited about? Share your opinion with others in the comments below the article. 

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    My name is Jaromir Prusa (@nacesteskoucem), I am dealing with professional coaching, lectoring and professional networking. I particularly specialize in executive coaching, facilitation council and professional business networking. You can contact me (LinkedIn profil),  right HERE.

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